How do we improve your credit?


We work in 3 phases (V.I.P.) to give you the best results. We keep it simple! 


Phase 1. Verification Phase

See what’s verifiable and what’s not by challenging the negative items on the reports

Phase 2. Identification Phase

Identify which accounts that were verified and that need to be handled by Settlements, Payment arrangements or Payoffs

Phase 3. Promote good credit

We help build credit by making sure you have a min. of two accounts that are positive. We also work with a credit card broker to help establish those lines of credit.

Why are we awesome?

You get your own personal credit consultant 

Debt negotiations- included (most companies charge a fee for each item)

Score analyzes – total breakdown of your scores

We will also email you a full breakdown of your entire report and that is yours to keep. 

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